Chinkara or Indian Gazelle

(Color pencils, 18x25 cms, matte finish paper)

Chinkara or the Indian Gazelle (Gazella gazella bennetti) is one of the most beautiful wild animals still visible in India. A resident of the drier regions and grasslands, it is a shy animal- always alert, always ready to bolt at the slightest sign of danger.
As per wikipedia, "This gazelle stands at 65 centimetres and weighs about 23 kilograms. Its summer coat is a reddish-buff colour, with smooth, glossy fur. In winter the white belly and throat fur is in greater contrast. The sides of the face have dark chestnut stripes from the corner of the eye to the muzzle, bordered by white stripes. The horns reach over 39 centimetres".  

I made the above drawing from a photo. Chinkaras rarely stand still for you to sketch them.


  1. Good one :) ...

  2. Nice drawing, the animal looks very natural!

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