Kudaa chi leni

If you travel further towards Konkan, you can visit ‘kuda chi leni’. These are Buddhist caves hewn in the mountain face and in a decent state of preservation. Arranged in three tiers, they appear rather like row-houses set on a hill.

As there is no information made available at the site, by the ASI or Tourism Dept, one can endlessly speculate about the purpose of these caves, and meanings of the inscriptions and symbols carved in some of them. There is a stupa at each level.

The caves afford spectacular views of a coast formed by the sea rushing into the deep valleys between mountain ranges. We saw a vulture winging its way over the coast, in face of the approaching column of rain. The monks certainly knew how to pick spots for their meditation!

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    beautiful pictures...i stumbled upon ur pictures through facebook.i have never hear of some of the place that u have gone too, now I will make it a point to visit.