A trip to Mayureshwar Sanctuary, at Supa

Mayureshwar wildlife sanctuary – spread over 500 hectares of grassy plain and scrub country – and home to chinkaras and the Indian Courser.

About 75 kms from Pune, this time of the year even the babul and khair look green. A watchtower gives you a good view of shallow gorges running across the plains, where foxes, wolves and hares usually take shelter.

We saw herds of chinkara, a couple of Indian foxes, a black hare, Indian Coursers, Collared Doves, and yes, a cute Shrike ka baccha:)

An afternoon well spent..

the watchtower at the sanctuary

A juvenile shrike - probably bay backed.


  1. we have visited here . We saw beautiful sunrise as we drove. We also found few birds – Indian Roller, Black-winged Kite, Grey Hornbill, and most pretty and equally shy Grey Patridges. On the way, we had a tea-break. We enjoyed delicious Idli-chutney got by Prakash.We made entry of our name and check-in time at check-post. The person showed us the 1000-feet view of “Machaan” and we started walking in that direction.

  2. That sounds lovely, Nancy. A very different habitat - the scrub.

    Browsed the website link you left. I have visited Yosemite, Monterey Bay and and some more of CA. Hope to visit other parks next time.